The Sanctity of Human Life, written by Rabbi David Novak, our friend and JPLF board member. Read Rabbi Novak’s Bio here.

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In Shifra's Arms  is uniting the Jewish community to serve women with unintended pregnancies and to offer help in overcoming the obstacles of choosing parenting or adoption and continuing their pregnancies. 888-360-JUPA (5872)

We will say Kaddish for your baby. Please email us and provide a name and we will recite Kaddish for your baby on every Shabbat.

"If we are not pro-life, we are against our  own survival."
Lore Maier, Nazi Germany refugee
"Comparing the maternal mortality risk of childbirth to that of abortion, when proper weight is given to the increased risk of breast cancer and suicide due to abortion, and the decreased risk of ovarian cancer with full-term pregnancy, abortion is many times more hazardous to the mother in the long run than carrying a child to term." 
--Chris Kahlenborn M.D., "Breast Cancer: Abortion and the Pill"

"People do not understand that there are thousands of women who suffer serious physical complications from abortion every year in this country."      

-- Bernard Nathanson, M.D., Obstetrics/Gynecology

"Our vision is to end abortion as we know it:  to ensure that pregnant women have the practical and emotional support they need, so that abortion becomes unthinkable, a relic of the past."

-- Serrin Foster, President of Feminists For Life of America 

Endowment for Human Development. produces an excellent DVD showing prenatal development.  The Jewish Pro-Life Foundation makes this video available to you at no charge.  Click here to view embryonic development theater.

The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.

Albert Einstein

Rabbi Aron Moss discusses post abortive guilt and healing in his Chabad article, “Is Guilt Good”

A Few Facts to Consider
900 abortions per week in Israel. 1
50 million abortions in the US since 
1973 - 1.3% are Jewish. 
650,000 Jews aborted in the US since 1973. 2
The Jewish replacement rate is only 1.4%. 3
Many Jewish couples seeking to adopt Jewish children are unable to find these babies, even as 15,680 Jewish babies were aborted in 2005. 4
The heart beats at day 22. Every abortion stops a beating heart. 
Babies as young as 20 weeks feel pain, but are given no pain medication prior to the abortion procedure. 5
Women are damaged by abortion.  Our Jewish women suffer physical, emotional, mental and spiritual damage - in silence, without support from family, friends, or rabbi. 6
The support of the Jewish community can save Jewish unborn life and protect the life and well-being of the Jewish mother.
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Men like the opinions to which they have been accustomed from their youth; they defend them, and shun contrary views: and this is one of the things that prevents men from finding truth, for they cling to the opinions of habit.

                                                                   Maimonides, Guide for the Perplexed 1:31

"Abortion is a reflection that we have not met the needs of women. Women deserve better than abortion."

feminists for life

The preborn child is not a "potential" human being, but rather a Human Being with Potential!

Be fruitful and multiply.  Genesis 1:28