Archived Newsletters 2019

1/5/19 Ditch The Jew Hating Women's March - Join The Jew Loving March For Life!

1/12/19 Jewish Meet & Greet at the March For Life

1/17/19 Stop NY State Repeal of Legal Protections for Live Babies Born During Abortion

1/18/19 Ben Shapiro At The March For Life - Terrific!

1/20/19 Sign The Petition To Stop NY State Back Alley Abortion Bill On Tuesday

1/26/19 A Miracle Jewish Adoption Story

2/2/19 Judaism's Pro-Life Stories

2/9/19 Why & How Jews Can Help Stop The Abortion Holocaust

2/16/19 Anti-Semitism + Abortion = Tragedy

2/23/19 Jewish Pro-Life Matters This Week

3/2/19 Vayakhel: Exodus 35:1-38:20 Pro-Life Commentary 

3/9/19 Human Rights Abuses From Planned Parenthood to Theresienstadt

3/16/19 Rhode Island Rabbis Vigorously Support Extreme Abortion Bill

3/30/19 Shemini- Leviticus 9:1-11:47 Commentary

4/6/19 Rabbis Defending Life Video (5:35) 

4/19/20 Passover Pondering 

4/27/20 Abortion Holocaust with a Capital H

5/4/19 Parsha Acharei: Say YES To God & NO to Molech

5/11/19 For God's Sake, Be Holy & Choose Life!

5/18/19 Tikvat Rachel - A Jewish Post Abortion Healing Program

5/25/19 Jewish & Pro-LIfe? Oy Vey!!

6/1/19 Jewish & Pro-Life? Count Me In!

6/8/19 Local Woman Adds Jewish Pro-Life Voice to Abortion Debate

6/29/19 Young Jewish Leadership Summit Highlights

7/13/19 Got Bodies? Thoughts on Torah Portion Chukat

7/20/19 The Enemy Within: Parsha Balak

7/28/19 Fake Judaism in the News

8/18/19 Cherishing Life

9/8/19  Jewish Post Abortion Healing Now Available

9/17/19 Abortion's Reality Exposed 

9/24/19 Livestream w/ Rabbi Shlomo Nachman This Thursday!

9/29/19 Happy New Year!

10/6/19 Our Video Interview / Rabbi Shlomo Nachman

10/23/19 ALERT - Pittsburgh JCC To Host Planned Parenthood Fundraiser

11/3/19 Blessed Activities at the JPLF 

11/10/19 Jewish Pro-Life Women Stories Wanted

11/17/19 Sub-Human or Parasite?

11/22/19 Adoption Saves Lives!

11/24/19 NOW Is Your Chance To Help A Jewish Women Reject Abortion 

12/11/19 Ben Shapiro, "Real kids are being killed." 

12/17/19 ALERT: Please Educate Jewish NY Assemblyman Harvey Epstein on Abortion Drugs 

Archived Newsletters 2018

1/21/18 Our March for Life Experience

1/28/18 The View From Sinai - A Jewish Perspective on Abortion

2/4/18 ALERT - Rabbi Feinberg Blesses Opening Of Late Term Abortion Facility

2/17/18 We Suffer A Spiritual Death Each Time An Abortion Death Occurs

3/3/18 ALERT - Jewish Abortionist Attacks Girlfriend During Forced Abortion Attempt

3/17/18 Choosing Life is the Best Life Choice

3/31/18 Passover - A Celebration of Jewish Life!

4/5/18 ALERT Tampa JCC Hosts Planned Parenthood Fundraiser 4/10/18!

4/8/18 ALERT Baby Emma Needs A Jewish Home!

4/10/18 ALERT Rabbi Jon Adland Receives Planned Parenthood Award!

4/14/18 A Mention in Jewish Weekly's Article/ Jared, Ivanka, and the Abortion Question

5/5/18 A Mention in My Jewish Learning Article: Abortion and Judaism  

5/26/18 The News-Gazette Opinion Piece Submission 

6/16/18 The Loss of Jewish Fatherhood From Abortion

6/23/18 ALERT - Rabbi Dennis S. Ross Shills for Planned Parenthood

7/7/18 "Pro-Life Laws Make Me Want to Eat An Aborted Fetus"

7/21/18 Thinking of Leaving Judaism? We're a Reason to Stay!

8/4/18 The Millionaire Abortionist Merle Hoffman

8/13/18 Abortion and Universal Torah

9/1/18 A Worning: Say NO To Abortion!

10/6/18 The Evil Origins of the Chemical Abortion Pill RU-486

10/20/18 Jews Leading The Innocent To Slaughter

10/27/18 Judaism: The Original Pro-LIfe Religion

10/28/18 Join us - Stand Up For Life Event Columbus OH

11/3/18 Our Thoughts on the Tree of Life Synagogue Tragedy

11/10/18 ALERT - Jewish Abortionists Must Go!

11/24/18 JPLF at Stand Up For Life Event Columbus Ohio 11/6/18

12/1/18 Anti-Semitism & Abortion Support

12/9/18 The Spirit of Judah Maccabee Lives On!

12/29/18 Ben Shapiro Keynote Speaker at the March For Life!