Join the Pro-Life Movement!


Become a part of this life saving movement! 

1. Become a JPLF ambassador in your neighborhood, in your synagogue, on your campus, or in your high school. 

Share the message that Judaism is LIFE and that life saving help is available for our unborn children and their parents, whatever the circumstances or challenges. We'll help you organize private speaking events for a few trusted friends, or public speaking events that inform your community. 

2. Download our Pro-Life March poster or request we send you a few, and join a local March for Life. 

Don't know if your city has one? Check here.

3. Download or request our post abortion healing program and start your healing journey on our Thursday night 

support call. Then, start a face to face healing opportunity in the privacy of your own home with trusted friends.

4. Request our literature and have it available to share with family and friends.

5. Add some diversity to your synagogue adult learning by sponsoring a choose life event. We'll supply the materials!

6. Join our live streaming chats on Facebook and YouTube.  Debuting Sunday April 5, 2020! 

Ask questions, make comments, share your thoughts, or let us know if you'd like to appear as a guest.

7.  Share your personal story or opinion on our pro-life blog. Use your own name, a pseudonym, or remain anonymous.

8. Stay connected with us and be informed of our activities. Click here to sign up for our email newsletter.

Email Cecily today to get started!