Eli Wiesel 

“We must always take sides. 

Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. 

Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”   

Why We Educate

Abortion in the Jewish Community is Epidemic

The Numbers, Astonishing. 

The Loss Of Life, Tragic. 

The Reality, Frightening. 

The Heartache, Inconsolable. 

576 Israeli Children Die From 

Painful Abortion Every Week.

30,000 Jewish Abortions 

in Israel Each Year. 
2 million Jewish children in Israel have died from abortion since 1948. 



300 US Jewish Children Die From Painful Abortion Every Week.
15,600 Jewish abortions occur in the United States Every Year. 
(1.3% of 1.2 million US abortions annually)
780,000 Jewish children in America have died in this way since 1973. 


Abortion doesn’t just take one life. 

It wipes out entire generations. 

Our community loses many future descendants with each abortion.

As Jews, We Feel The Pain And Loss Of Each And Every One.

Abortion Education

Former abortionist explains abortion methods simulated

*Abortion Procedures: 

What You Need To Know

*Dr. Anthony Levatino Describes 

What It REALLY Means To Support Abortion

Below are links to real time videos of abortion that show the gruesome reality of the ideology. These images make it impossible to remain an advocate for 'choice'. 

*Angel of Light

*Carly Fiorina was right

*WARNING GRAPHIC: Proof That Late Term Abortion Is MURDER

Letters of Concern

Rabbi Dennis S Ross, Director of Concerned Clergy for Choice

Promotes Abortion For Planned Parenthood. 

Our Letter of Concern to Rabbi Ross.

Trump's Remark was Offfensive.Letter to the Editor in The News-Gazette, 

written by a Jewish man charging the President with threatening minorities. 

Our response explaining that the real threat to minorities is abortion.

Jewish Rabbi: “Clergy Must be Willing to Speak Out” 

to Defend Killing Babies in Abortions

Our Letter of Concern to Rabbi Adland

Bryan Glazer Family JCC Will Host a Fundraiser for Planned Parenthood 

of Southwest & Central Florida

Our Letter to the Editor of Tampa Bay Newspapers

Clergy Gather to Bless One of the Only U.S. Clinics Performing Late-Term Abortions

Rabbi Charles Feinberg participated.

Our Letter of Concern to Rabbi Feinberg

Jewish Crisis-Pregnancy Helpline Expands, Reigniting Debate Over Choice

Our Letter to the Author in Support of Pregnancy Care Support

Planned Parenthood Abortion Business May Open Clinic at Local High School

  PA physician general, Dr. Rachel Levine, is a spokesperson for AccessMatters and a supporter of tax payer funding of school based sex ed and abortion referral clinics through the PA Dept. of Health.

Our Letter of Concern to Dr. Levine

Jewish Pediatrician Holds Party to Celebrate Planned Parenthood: Abortion is “Essential for Our Children” 

Our Letter of Concern to Dr. Berger

Rabbi Scott Weiner Hosts Planned Parenthood Religion Sex Politics Event

Our Letter of Concern to Rabbi Weiner

Autopsy Proves Planned Parenthood Killed Young Woman in Botched Abortion

Our Letter of Concern to Dr. Laura Castleman, 

Abortionist at this Planned Parenthood

Video Confession: UNM Official Confirms that Aborted Baby Brains 

Were Dissected by High School Students

Our Letter of Concern to Dr. Paul Roth, Chancellor for Health Sciences, Health Sciences Center, University of New Mexico for administration of the  Science Center's illegal purchase of fetal tissue harvesting for research from the late term abortion facility Southwest Women's Services

Our Letter of Concern to Rabbi Yitzi Frank for his support of Ohio Governor Kasich's veto of the Heartbeat Bill 2016

In Shifra's Arms does not reflect a "Jewish divide" on abortion. This author criticizes the founder of this Jewish Pregnancy Care ofganization because she is pro-life, G-d forbid!  Our Blog Comment to Emily Kadar of Jewish Women's Archive

Mrs. Lore Maier

“Where Hitler compelled people to do the killing, today millions of people choose to abort their babies of their free will. …If we let this go on, what is now a matter of choice could very easily become mandatory…"If we are not pro-life, we are against our own survival.”   

Mrs. Lore Maier, was the first Executive Director of Heartbeat International, as a full-time volunteer. German-born, Mrs. Maier was the only survivor of her family of six in Nazi Germany. She was a court recorder during the Nuremburg trials and knew how the killing had escalated, with the “imperfect” being the first victims.

Professor Hymie Gordon, Mayo Clinic

“By all the criteria of modern molecular biology, 

life is present from the moment of conception.”