Isaiah 49:1 

"The Lord called me when I was in the womb, before my birth He had pronounced my name."   


In Hebrew 'rechem' means 'womb' and 'compassion.'     

Jeremiah 29:11

"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."


Pregnancy Care & Adoption


EFRAT in Israel

Birthright International

In Shifra's Arms

The mission of EFRAT is to empower women to make an informed choice about the future of their pregnancy by providing them with personal counseling, prenatal medical consultation and postnatal family support. In addition EFRAT supports women by providing advice regarding exercising rights, such as access to public housing projects, liaison with social security offices and banks and by offering legal assistance through volunteer lawyers where necessary.

EFRAT aims to enable women to have a positive impact on their own lives and break out of the cycle of distress by offering opportunities to access vocational training and achieve financial independence.



In Shifra's Arms

Birthright International

In Shifra's Arms

In Shifra’s Arms is the only Jewish American organization catering to women struggling with unplanned pregnancy crises. Our tangible and compassionate support is available from the first trimester through the baby’s first birthday. We also offer caring follow-up in cases of miscarriage or abortion.

To contact In Shifra's Arms  

Text the counselor on call: 


Call the 24/7 Helpline: 


Visit the website at:



Birthright International

Birthright International

Birthright International

Birthright services are always free, confidential and available to any woman regardless of age, race, circumstances, religion, marital status or financial situation. Birthright respects the religious affiliation of its clients. 

They do not proselytize. 

Services are free, non-judgmental and confidential. They offer referrals for medical support, financial, legal and employment resources, housing, counselling and more. Information about pregnancy, parenting, adoption, child safety, programs, personal development and more. https://birthright.org

Expecting and need help in the NYC area?

Help in NYC or NJ

Help in NYC or NJ

Help in NYC or NJ

Support in NYC and NJ

Good Counsel is a nationally recognized nonprofit leader 

and innovator in creating supportive residential care and community-based services for homeless, expectant, and new mothers and their children. Though based in Catholic social tradition, they are sensitive and accommodating to Jewish women. Pregnant and expectant mothers, with or without other born children, including mothers with mental health or addiction challenges, from any location, are able to receive help in a Good Counsel home. Good Counsel has homes in the Bronx, Richmond, Westchester and Rockland; and in New Jersey’s Burlington County.


Help in Brooklyn

Help in NYC or NJ

Help in NYC or NJ


Are you in Brooklyn and expecting an unexpected gift 

from HaShem - a precious baby, but lack needed resources, moral or financial support? 

Contact Sarah at(917) 361-8268‬


Jewish Pro-Life Foundation

Jewish Children's Adoption

Jewish Pro-Life Foundation

Judaism emphasizes the sanctity of human life from conception to 

natural death, making it incumbent upon Jews to find life saving 

ways to address unplanned and unwanted pregnancy. 

The Jewish Pro-Life Foundation knows Jewish couples who want to adopt Jewish babies. These couples can't have children of their own, 

yet long to raise a Jewish child.

Placing your child in a loving Jewish home will alleviate the potential 

burdens of child rearing -- while  celebrating life. Beyond saving one life, you will enrich many others -- including your own. Arrangements will be made to safeguard your reputation while you are pregnant as you undertake this righteous deed (mitzvah).​ Please call Cecily at (412) 758-3269 for adoption support.


Embrace A Jewish Child

Jewish Children's Adoption

Jewish Pro-Life Foundation

Embrace A Jewish Child's mission is to help every Jewish child or baby in need of an adoptive family find a warm and loving Jewish home so that every child will have the opportunity to experience his or her heritage in a caring and nurturing home. Every birth mother should have the opportunity to select wonderful pre-screened 

adoptive parents, or family based on their likes and interests.

We take pride in the quality personal care and support we offer birth mothers. Our assistance is comprehensive and unique, including dealing with such issues as living expenses, relocating, housing, medical, and legal costs.



Jewish Children's Adoption

Jewish Children's Adoption

Jewish Children's Adoption

The Jewish Children's Adoption Network's primary goal is to find Jewish homes for Jewish children.  We have worked on over 2,000 cases since 1990, and charge no fees for any of our services, which include helping a birth family parent a child, locating resources for help with personal problems or coping with a child's limitations, helping an adoptive family find resources for adoption or parenting, helping families negotiate adoption subsidies, and helping biological and adoptive triad members in starting a search. We find loving homes for infants and children who are developmentally disabled, infants and children with moderate to severe physical disabilities, infants exposed to drugs or alcohol in utero, children with a family history of mental or emotional illness, children with severe emotional disturbances, and victims of abuse or neglect


Psalm 127:3 

"Behold, children are a gift from the Lord, The fruit of the womb is a reward."

Anne Frank

"Where there's hope, there's life. 

It fills us with fresh courage and makes us strong again."